All the Dirt

All The Dirt - Reflections on Organic Farmering

All The Dirt - Reflections on Organic Farming

Reflections on Organic Farming

Rachel Fisher, Heather Stretch, Robin Tunnicliffe

New farmers, experienced growers, environmentalists, and fans of natural, organic produce alike will find ground to love in All the Dirt. Covering a wide variety of topics, this is the must-read book on small-scale organic farming. Learn the how-tos of farming from where to farm, what to grow, and how to grow it, to selecting the best equipment and, finally, harvesting and selling produce. The book also includes valuable planting and harvesting data and crop value charts—necessities for readers looking to start from seed whether in their backyard or on a larger scale. What’s more, the authors share their personal and collective experiences as successful business partners and farmers, and discuss the compelling reasons why we need more organic growers.

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“The best introduction to farming I’ve ever seen. A fantastic book in all respects!”
– Dan Jason, Salt Spring Seeds

“This timely book speaks to the next generation of farmers, and anyone interested in knowing what it takes to get a healthy dinner to the table.”
– Carolyn Herriot, author of The Zero-Mile Diet and A Year on the Garden Path

“All the Dirt is much more than just another dry, nuts-and-bolts, hands-in-the-dirt how-to. It demonstrates that farming can be done successfully, in co-operation with others, all while paying the bills.”
– Michael Ableman, founder of the Center For Urban Agriculture and the Centre For Arts, Ecology, and Agriculture, and co-director of Vancouver’s SOLEfood

Heather, Rachel and Robin

Heather Stretch, Robin Tunnicliffe and Rachel Fisher

Rachel Fisher, Heather Stretch, and Robin Tunnicliffe have co-owned Saanich Organics, a farmer-run local food distributor, since 2002. Passionate about the importance of good farming, this community of farmers strives to create a viable alternative to industrial agriculture. Saanich Organics has been featured in numerous publications, including the National Post, Times Colonist, West Jet’s Up! magazine, EAT Magazine, Douglas magazine, BC Business, Boulevard Magazine, The Jewish Independent, and The Province. The business has also been featured in Island on the Edge (a documentary film), as well as on cbc radio.

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