Celebrating Seeds with USC Canada

by admin on February 12, 2015

Check out the I AM A SEED SAVER Campaign that USC is launching just in time for Seedy Saturday!

Even if you haven’t actually saved a seed, USC encourages you to follow the path of the seed.  If you have bought local produce from seed savers at the market, through a veggie box program, or have eaten at a restaurant that supports local producers, you have supported a seed saver, and this is an important start.  Canadians are waking up to importance of good seed so stand proud as a seed saver! Its exciting to see Canadian artists taking up the cause.

We’re going to be selling our seeds, taking about growing and maning the booth of the emerging BC Eco Seeds Coop at Seedy Saturday February 21 at the Victoria Conference Centre.  See you there, seed savers!

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