Upcoming Crops

Expected Availability for the week of August 18th to 22nd

We are offering Tuesday and Friday deliveries as of June 6th.  Please place your orders at least three days prior to the delivery day.

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Below is a list of the crops we expect to have this week.  These are estimates; some crops are available only in very small quantities and there are no guarantees on the availability of any particular crop. Prices are wholesale, retail price is approximately 15% higher.

Large quantities of:
beans, yellow, green, or mix- $4.00/lb
beans, ‘haricots verts’ (fortex)- $4.00/lb
beets, baby red- $4.00/lb
beets, chioggia or gold -$3.50/lb
beets, red- $3.20/lb
berries, strawberries- $4.50/pint or $50/flat
carrots, baby orange- $4.00/lb
carrots, orange- $3.50/lb
chard (red, green or rainbow)- $2.00/bunch or $3.75/lb
cucumbers, middle eastern- $3.25/lb
cucumbers, mini white- $3.25
eggplant, purple (smaller quantities of white, pink, asian or italian eggplant)- $4.60
endive (frisee)- $2.30/each
escarole- $2.30/each
fennel, baby -$4.00/lb
garlic,fresh- $15.00/lb
green onions- $2.30/bunch
herbs- basil- $18.50/ lb for green, $20.00/lb for purple
herbs- parsley (curly or flat)- $1.75/bunch
kale (assorted types available)- $3.75/lb or $2.00/bunch
leeks, baby- $3.50/lb
leeks -$3.00/lb
lettuce heads ( assorted varieties available) $2.30/ each
melons, (canary, cantaloupe, watermelon, honey dew)- $2.30/lb
onions, grilling (sweet or yellow)- $3.50/lb
peppers, green or purple bell – $5.00/lb (green), $5.50 (purple)
peppers, jalapeno- $6.00/lb
potatoes, tri-colour- $2.70/lb
potatoes, warba- $2.70/lb
salad greens- $13.00/lb or $12.00/lb when you order 10lbs or more
sprouts, tray grown pea greens- $12.00/lb
sprouts, tray grown- Sunflower – $12.00/lb
summer squash, baby- $5.00/lb, medium-  $2.60/lb or large size $1.55/lb
tomatoes, cherry- $4.30/pint
tomatoes, heirloom- $4.00/lb
tomatoes, red- $3.45/lb

Small quantities of:
beans, dragon tongue- $4.00/lb
beets, baby gold- $4.00/lb
berries, blackberries- $4.50/pint
berries, blueberries- $4.50/pint or $50/flat
berries, ground cherries- $4.50/pint
braising mix- $6.00/lb
cucumbers, baby (pickling)- $3.25/lb
cucumbers, long english- $2.75/lb
edible flowers mix- $2.88/ounce
herbs, cilantro- $2.00/bunch
herbs, dill (dill flowers)- $2.00/bunch
peas, snap – $6.00/lb
peppers, hot- banana, red chilli or poblano- $6.00/lb
shallots, fresh- $7.20/lb
tomatillos, green-$4.00/lb


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