Getting Better at this Winter Farming Thing

by admin on October 22, 2014

We were just reminiscing about the not-so-good old days.  It wasn’t so many years ago that our Post-Thanksgiving market table was meager.  We’d struggle to have enough veggies for our box-delivery customers, and those patient, supportive souls would get by on a rather limited repertoire of veggies.  Back then when there was talk of a year-round winter market, I’d think “to sell what?  all I have in abundance is rutabaga.”  Rutabaga is delicious, and I love it, but all things in moderation, right?

The scene sure has changed in a the last 14 years.  Last week I walked around Moss St stunned by both the variety and the quality of food on offer.   This year our fields are filled with an amazing abundance and variety, and we’re not the only ones.  Moss St Market will be open weekly all winter, and we’ll be there every second week.  Far from scrounging to fill our winter home delivery boxes, now we’re proud to send out these collections of vibrant, diverse treats.

And this year we’re doing something new… the Winter Abundance Box!  As in previous years, we’ll take a break from our regular box program and our markets from mid-December to end of January.  But unlike other years, we’ll be able to stock your pantry before our break.  Watch this space for further details, but the Winter Abundance Box (either $50 or $100 of delicious storage veggies to be delivered December 19) will be a great gift idea and an important contribution to food security in the region.

One more thing we’re really excited about: our Winter Greens Tasting!  Have you ever wondered what collards taste like? Have you had trouble mustering up the attitude to cook with radicchio? and what’s with the hype around kale?  Come out and sample the luscious offerings of winter bounty from Saanich Organics at Ottavio’s on November 22 from 10-1pm.  Our region has an amazing climate for producing these winter delicacies and there lots of good reasons to indulge – from food security to health and culinary adventure!

It really is possible to eat local, organic food year round in Victoria, and enjoy every bite.

Winter Crops at Seabluff Winter Crops at Seabluff Oh Radicchio! Oh Radicchio!

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