Its that time of year again!

by admin on April 6, 2015

IMG_0634The seedlings are burgeoning out of our greenhouses, calling to us: “plant me, plant me.” We had a birthday party for one of our farmers this weekend and the whole theme was “have you tilled yet?” “I haven’t but I want to.” “I did but I’m regretting it.” “I’m always the last one!!”
Its really torture to figure out the right timing of seedlings versus when the soil will be dry enough to take them. Sometimes we just have to dump seedlings that become root bound and then start again.
We know that mid April is usually the safe bet. When you can get in early, you can spread out the workload and get an earlier harvest. However, you risk compacting the soil which can make it tough to work with for the rest of the season. Weeding in compacted soil is no picnic. Not to mention damaging its fragile structure which is very poor land stewardship.
We’re looking forward to the dry spell this week when hopefully we can all get started! We’ll be at Moss Street this coming weekend with some meager offerings. A highlight will be rhubarb and possibly a single bunch of asparagus :) Come early!

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