We were sobered this week with the news of a flood in the Svalbard seed vault, the “fail safe” seed bank that is set in permafrost to hold the world’s most precious seeds.  Its so easy to become complacent about the seeds that feed us, but they’re so crucial.  While no damage happened to the seeds, this event caused by climate change highlights that there is no alternative to comprehensive localised seed movements.  This is us, everyone!  When you are planting your gardens, try hard to get seed that was produced close to home.  If you’re buying starts and seedlings, ask where the seeds came from!

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Changes Coming to Saanich Organics!

by admin on May 10, 2017


There are changes coming to Saanich Organics.  The boxes will remain the same in terms of value and content, the best from our farms straight to your door.  But we’re streamlining the back-end significantly. The box has always been about great food and supporting the farmers who grow it.

To give you some history on our decision, five years ago we changed how we ran our box program.  We signed up for “Farmigo”, a fancy box planning software that we thought would reduce our administrative workload, but unfortunately it has not.  In that time, we have burned out a few part-time administrators.    We have had many customers come on and off the box program, and have tried to accommodate many different payment schedules.  It’s time to take a step back and re-examine what we do and why we do it.  We love farming, and this is an important step to making the box program sustainable for the long haul.

Here’s how it will work:

Starting June 6 members will pay upfront for a set season.  This Community Supported Agriculture model (CSA) works so that the farmers can get help paying for expenses as they are incurred, and  farmers can plan to feed a set amount of folks for a certain period.

The rest of 2017 will be divided into three seasons: two 10 week seasons, and an 8 week early winter season, which you can sign up for one at a time or all at once.  For folks wanting to really help us out, there’s the option of paying up front for the whole 28 weeks. For this, we’ll reward you with a free Winter Abundance box in December!  Having everyone on a set payment schedule will help us immensely. You can still opt for weekly or bi-weekly deliveries but you pay for a full season at a time.

Everyone has the option to put one box a season on hold if they are going away or have a conflict.  The key is that we need to know your hold date when you sign up for each season.  We can’t accommodate changes in your delivery schedule mid season, but we encourage you to have a friend pick up your box or to have us donate your box to the LifeCycles gleaning project.

One last big change is that we require payment at the beginning of each season.  We’ll remind you as the season is ending that its time to renew.

We hope that this will be a small change for you, but a huge improvement for us.  We’re excited to keep growing great veggies for you.

If you are a current box customer, you’ll be hearing more from us.  Even if you’ve been “on hold” for some time, you’ll probably get an email.  If you’re not a current customer, this is a great time to get on board!  Email us, and please be patient during this time of transition.

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Winter be not proud!

March 7, 2017

Look what Saanich Organics can do. We’ve got big proud smiles on while we deliver our boxes this morning! Lucious pac choi, salad and sprouts from the greenhouse, potatoes, garlic, hazelnuts from storage, and leeks and carrots from the fields.  Its been touch and go all winter because of our sub-zero temps and more and […]

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See us at Seedy Saturday!

February 17, 2016

We’re going to be at Seedy Saturday this weekend and not at Moss Street. We all want to be part of Seedy Saturday because we’re helping launch the BC ECO Seed Coop and we’re helping with the Victoria Seed Library project. We’re really passionate about all the good energy going into the seed movement, and […]

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Spread the Seeds!

November 27, 2015

The elves at Saanich Organics have been busy all fall harvesting, threshing and winnowing the seeds of this years’ harvest.  They didn’t stop there! The seed packages have been assembled for flower lovers, comfort foodies, early spring keeners, and those who just relish summer delights. Its a lovely little gift for all the folks in […]

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Winter Abundance is Back

November 10, 2015

Please help us spread the word.  Our Winter Abundance Box is back by popular demand.  This is a one-time box of delicious local, organic produce straight from our farms to your pantry.  It makes a great gift too!

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Sea Bluff is now fully Certified Organic!

July 8, 2015

Sea Bluff Farm just got full Certified Organic status this week! We had been in transition to Certified Organic for the past three years. Sea Bluff had been selling as “organic” for the past decade before Robin took over, however there were many problems that had to be cleared up: no records were kept, there […]

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Get Ready Get Local!

April 15, 2015

We’re getting ready for a fun day of learning and networking at the Victoria Conference centre this coming Saturday.  From 11am to 3pm, there will be booths from local farms and food industry, workshops on all aspects of food growing and appreciation.  Chef Heidi Fink is doing a cooking demonstration about spicing up local food, […]

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We’ll be at the Markets in May

April 10, 2015

We’ve been taking stock of our field contents and sadly we don’t have enough produce to come to Moss St Market this month. Our box customers need to be fed! The good news is that we’ve been busy planting and we will have some of your favourites for Moss and James Bay markets next month.

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Its that time of year again!

April 6, 2015

The seedlings are burgeoning out of our greenhouses, calling to us: “plant me, plant me.” We had a birthday party for one of our farmers this weekend and the whole theme was “have you tilled yet?” “I haven’t but I want to.” “I did but I’m regretting it.” “I’m always the last one!!” Its really […]

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Celebrating Seeds with USC Canada

February 12, 2015

Check out the I AM A SEED SAVER Campaign that USC is launching just in time for Seedy Saturday! Even if you haven’t actually saved a seed, USC encourages you to follow the path of the seed.  If you have bought local produce from seed savers at the market, through a veggie box program, or […]

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Regional Food Strategy Supports Farmers and Local Food

January 24, 2015

There is some cause for celebration with the release of the CRD’s Regional Food Strategy.  Linda Geggie and our friends at CR-Fair have been setting the stage for this promising food policy focus for our region for at least ten years. We commend them! These policy hacks get very little recognition but their work is […]

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The Mixed Blessings of Winter Farming

December 28, 2014

Today was a glorious day on the farm.  Lamont and I enjoyed some work in the field, partly because there’s work that needs doing, but mostly to aid in digestion of our holiday feasts.  We are so incredibly lucky to live in a place where we can grow food year round, and what’s more, the […]

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Abundance Box deadline today!

December 15, 2014

We’re getting ready for an extra harvest this week for the Winter Abundance Boxes. We’ve been planning a very special offering, tied up with ribbons and sprays of greens.  So far we’ve sold almost 70 boxes, shy of our lofty goal of 100 but we’re feeling proud for this first ever venture. If you haven’t […]

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Reflections on the 2014 BC Seed Gathering

November 24, 2014

“…then I was gifted with disease resistant scions (of an apple tree)…and now, there’s the chore for, well, the rest of my life” “I was sitting there in the sunshine doing the most wonderful thing I could imagine” “there it was— the green seed I thought I’d lost…I was in ecstasy!” “…I was just smitten […]

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Come Taste the Winter Greens!

November 20, 2014

Saanich Organics is going to be sampling our beautiful winter greens at Ottavio’s this Saturday from 12-3pm. Ottavio Italian Bakery and Delicatessen is at 2272 Oak Bay Avenue. Kales, collards, chards and endives all take on richer flavours as they weather the frost and grow slowly in the shorter days.  Pair these with Ottavio’s divine […]

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Give the Gift of Abundance!

November 16, 2014

                            This December we’re offering a new box option that makes a great gift for your food-loving friends or to simply stock up your own pantry – it’s our Winter Abundance Box!  This one-time box will contain all sorts of winter vegetables that store well, such as beets, carrots, […]

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Getting Better at this Winter Farming Thing

October 22, 2014

We were just reminiscing about the not-so-good old days.  It wasn’t so many years ago that our Post-Thanksgiving market table was meager.  We’d struggle to have enough veggies for our box-delivery customers, and those patient, supportive souls would get by on a rather limited repertoire of veggies.  Back then when there was talk of a […]

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