Pay by e-Transfer

We’re making the transition away from credit cards to e-transfers. Don’t worry – we’ll always take cheques in the mail, and we can certainly take credit cards if this is the only way that you can pay, but we’ve concluded that e-transfers are the best way to keep our money out of the hands of credit card magnates. There is a cost to you for making an e-transfer of .75¢ -$1.50, depending on your bank, however, this is much less than the price hike we’d have to start charging in order to cover the credit card fees.

How to do an e-transfer?  Follow these steps:

  1. From your on-line banking website choose to transfer funds through an INTERAC e-transfer.
  2. Transfer to “Saanich Organics”
  3. Send by email to:
  4. Message: In the message box, tell us which account you’re paying for. For example Sarah Smith might be paying for her mother Mary’s box. Clearly state the name of the Saanich Organics account holder.
  5. Security Question: Type “What’s in the box?”
  6. Security Question Answer: Type “veggies” ( note its all lower case, no punctuation). You will get a confirmation message from your bank telling you when we have received your payment. We will also send you a confirmation when once we’ve updated your account with the payment.

Thanks for helping us with this transition!


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