Regional Food Strategy Supports Farmers and Local Food

by admin on January 24, 2015

There is some cause for celebration with the release of the CRD’s Regional Food Strategy. 

Linda Geggie and our friends at CR-Fair have been setting the stage for this promising food policy focus for our region for at least ten years. We commend them! These policy hacks get very little recognition but their work is so important because it holds our leaders accountable for our priorities. We also celebrate our leaders for being open to making food sustainability a focus.

Here are some highlights of the document!

The CRD agrees to:

2.3.7  support a net-zero loss of ALR and non-ALR farm lands and discourage fragmentation of farmlands.

2.3.9 Participate in the creation of a regional farmland trust and farmland acquisition fund.

2.3.10 Increase funding and program support for the local food and agriculture system.

2.3.11 Support innovation in the local food and agriculture system, including support for expansion and diversification of local farm businesses, and urban agriculture.

4.3 Increase awareness of the human health and environmental benefits of local food choices

Pretty exciting stuff.  While we get excited when the powers that be enable farmers, we want them to lead by example.  It used to be the case that local food was hard to source, and the supply was irregular.  This is no longer a problem.

We want one meeting a week that is catered to public offices in the CRD to be comprised of island-grown ingredients. For example: blueberry muffins made from local grains and fruit, carrot and broccoli sticks, local charcuterie and cheeses, and local nuts.  We can grow it all here, farmers are flexible and willing to work with caterers, and there are food service businesses willing to commit to local food preparation.

The period for public comments is open until February 15.  Add your voice here!

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