Sea Bluff is now fully Certified Organic!

by admin on July 8, 2015

Sea Bluff Farm just got full Certified Organic status this week! We had been in transition to Certified Organic for the past three years. Sea Bluff had been selling as “organic” for the past decade before Robin took over, however there were many problems that had to be cleared up: no records were kept, there were treated posts littered through the fields, treated corn seed was being used, ducks were free-ranging in the crops (fresh manure contamination) and no water tests had been done. Certification is as much about food safety best practices as it is about prevention of chemical contamination and the promotion of farming best practices. The certification committee, and our verification officer found things that not even Robin, a seasoned certified organic grower of 15 years could find. We’re grateful for the help, and we’re committed as ever to upholding this rigorous standard for the health and wellbeing of our customers and our soils.

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