Seeds of the Revolution


We’re excited to let you know that Saanich Organics adventures in seed production have been going well. A few years ago, we started getting excited about seed. We are very concerned about narrowing corporate control of our seed supply and about the lack of regionally adapted,
organically grown seed. We decided to become part of the solution by
starting “Seeds of the Revolution” (Saanich Organics seed).

From the start, our first priority was producing top quality seed. We read, we attend workshops, and we continue to learn all we can about good plant breeding. We are grateful for the excellent mentorship provided by Patrick Steiner of Stellar Seeds. With our careful attention to isolation distances (to prevent crossing), thinning, maintaining adequate populations,
selecting the best plants, cleaning, and germination testing, we’re
confident that our seed is commercial quality.

 Our seed packets are available at the Victoria, Saanich, and Duncan Seedy Saturdays, Buckerfields on Keating X Rd, Wildwood Garden Centre, Dig This (Sidney and Oak Bay) and our booths at Moss St market and James Bay Market.

If you are a commercial grower, we also offer bulk amounts. For more info on currently available varieties/characteristics please email our seed manager, Julie Fletcher at



Available Seeds for 2017


Beans: Flambo, King of the Early, Scarlet Runner, Dragon Tongue, Maxibel, Royal Burgundy, Yellow Goldrush

Cucumber: Lillie Mae

Flowers: Baby’s Breath, Simple Orange Calendula, Peach Hollyhock, Scarlet Gleam Nasurtium, Purple Orach, Mixed Poppies, Shungiku, Sunflower Giganteus, Hopi Black Dye Sunflower, Zinnia

Greens: Roquette Arugula, Shanghai Baby Bok Choy, Rhubarb Chard, Fordhook Chard, Frisee, Lacinato Kale, Red Russian Kale, Miner’s lettuce, Minutina, Southern Giant Green Curled Mustard, Ruby Streaks Mustard, Giant Red Mustard, Mustard Mix, Tatsoi, Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach

Herbs: Genovese Basil, Santo Cilantro, Italian Dark Green Parsley, Curly Forest Green Parsley, Tobacco

Lettuce: Nancy Buttercrunch, Magenta Summercrisp, Pomegranate Crunch, Bridgemere Greenleaf, Tango Greenleaf, Cold Hardy Mix, Variety Mix, Merlot, Red Salad Bowl, Tamarindo, Yugoslavian Red, Coastal Star Romaine

Okra: Clemson Spineless

Peas: Cascadia Sugar Snap, Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Pea

Roots: Detroit Dark Red Beet, Cherry Belle Radish, Purple Plum Radish

Eggplants: Little finger, Long Purple

Peppers: Aci Sivri Cayenne, Golden Greek Pepperoncini, Lively Italian Sweet Orange

Tomatoes: Toma Verde Tomatillo, Berkely Pink Tye Dye, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Red Brandywine, Yellow Brandywine, German Striped, Green Zebra, Jaune Flamme, Nepal, Oroma, Roman Amish Paste, Siletz, Stupice, Elfin Red Grape, Speckled Roman, Soleil Cherry


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