Buying Bulk from Saanich Organics

Buying Bulk from Saanich Organics

Ever wondered how you can order more of our stunning, organic seeds? You can order a single packet, double packet, or bulk amounts right from our website! Here's a step by step guide on how to order bulk for the farmers in our community.


Step 1: Head on over to our website at

Step 2: Click "Shop Seeds" > "Shop All Seeds" and scroll through to find your seed of choice

Step 3: Choose your amount under "Size", we will typically have a regular packet, large packet, and then a couple of bulk size options** in this drop-down menu

Step 4: Checkout and enjoy!


**If you don't see the bulk amount you'd like to purchase as an option under "Size", please send an email to our Seed Manager, Keira, at to place your order manually!

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