CSA Box Newsletter - February 6

In your boxes this week you'll find...

Potatoes (or salad)







Winter Squash



Welcome and welcome back to the new season of Saanich Organics!  We've been on pins and needles this month, hovering over our crops to see which ones are completely dead, and which ones are rising like phoenixes out of the mush.  In early January we had a 50 year cold event that devastated our fields.  Before the 4 days and nights of -10C and below, we couldn't believe the bounty in the fields because of the warm weather.  Now its a different story.  We managed to fill your boxes like we always do, and we have crops already germinating for upcoming boxes.  Working as a team between the four farms of Saanich Organics hedges our bets during weather extremes.


LoveandLemons.com has a tasty recipe for roasted carrots with cilantro yogurt sauce.  You may not be able to get around to roasting the carrots because they are super tasty right now.  I always think that a February carrot is a peak carrot.

If you haven't made rutabaga fries, you will want to.  Chop them up into fry shape, we don't peel them but you can.  Roast as you would potato fries until caramelised and crispy.

We have been braising everything with apple cider vinegar and caraway seeds. Last month it was water and soya sauce, before that it was sesame oil and sesame seeds.  The greens are so sweet right now, it doesn't matter what you choose.


Some of the acorn and futsu squashes aren't as sweet and savoury as they were in the fall.  Finish roasted squash with spices and even an orange juice glaze to help the flavours pop.


News from the Farm

Come and see us at Saanich Seedy Saturday.  We have a booth at the Glendale Gardens event from 10am-2pm.  We’ve been breeding our veggie varieties for the past 15 years.  One of the reasons that you have produce in your box today is that we’ve been breeding greens to be more and more cold tolerant.  The seeds are a big source of joy and pride for us.




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