Farmer Feature - Rachel Fisher

Farmer Feature - Rachel Fisher

Name: Rachel Fisher

Farm name: Three Oaks Farm

Where did you grow up? In Victoria

How did you first get into farming/growing?
I was an environmental minded person with an Arts degree looking for a meaningfuI line of work. When I heard about apprenticing on organic farms I knew it was for me. I started at ALM Farm as an apprentice for a season in 1995 and things progressed from there. I took on a market garden down the road from that farm, and after a couple years I was offered a lease here in Central Saanich where I stayed for 7 years. Eventually we bought a property and have been farming here at Three Oaks since 2006. As a kid I always wished I lived on a farm but never imagined that I could actually choose it as an adult!

When did you start farming for a living?
Around 2003 I stopped working my other job and committed to farming full time.

What’s your favourite plant to grow? Why?
I love growing tomatoes and eggplant. Both are just so satisfying, beautiful and delicious! Tomatoes have so much variety and character, and eggplant are a little challenging so seeing those little fruit start from the flowers is super satisfying.

What’s your favourite plant to harvest seeds from? Why? 
I love harvesting kale seeds as they are relatively easy and help me with my supply for salad greens!

What’s a fun fact about you?
I love travel and have spent time in 19 countries.

What’s your favourite thing about being a farmer?
Being surrounded by abundance and beauty.

What else would you like people to know about you, your life, or your farm?
It has been my honour and privilege to raise a family on this land and enjoy such a meaningful line of work, with great business partners to boot!

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