Farmer Feature - Robin Tunnicliffe

Farmer Feature - Robin Tunnicliffe

Name: Robin Tunnicliffe

Farm name: Sea Bluff Farm

Where did you grow up? Timmins Ontario

How did you first get into farming/growing? Travelling in South America, I saw small farms and rural livelihoods and thought that sounded good. I was really into gardening before that but had never thought about making a living off of it before that. 

When did you start farming for a living? 1996, I did an apprenticeship at a farm and then started with Saanich Organics. 

What’s your favourite plant to grow? Why? It depends on the season! Right now I’m really excited about miners lettuce and corn salad. I just get excited about every season. 

What’s your favourite plant to harvest seeds from? Why? Tomatoes are pretty magical the way they just sink to the bottom, then emerge from this mush all golden and furry. I love the whole process of sterilizing them with fermentation.

What’s a fun fact about you? The reason I’m a good farmer is that I like to gamble! I like to bite off more than I can chew (sometimes to the detriment of my friends and family)

What’s your favourite thing about being a farmer? I like being around the plants. They emit a viral force that just fuels me!

What else would you like people to know about you/your life/ your farm? I think a lot of people think farming is impressive, this hard slog, but it’s really just delightful. There are a long of long hours, but they’re creative hours! Farming just bring everyone together, so you never really have to think about a social life because it’s just there. The food is so good, the people the farm attracts are amazing. Farming isn’t this tool, it’s in fact a very full life that’s abundant and joyful.

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