Furry Farmer Feature: Cocoa and Barney

Furry Farmer Feature: Cocoa and Barney

Hi all! We wanted to introduce you to two of our very special furry farmers, Barney and Cocoa!

Barney (black and brown) is a 6 year old English Shepherd that came to us from Cowichan. His main job is to protect the chickens and hunt rodents, but he really acts as the furry, friendly face of Northbrook Farm! Cocoa (white and brown) is a 10 year old English Shepherd from Lesquiti, and he's been described as Barney's grumpy old uncle. Often rolling his eyes at Barney's undignified behaviour.

About the Breed

English Shepherds are a breed that has never been bred for show but rather their personality traits. This is why Barney and Cocoa don't look very similar. This used to be a very common breed when more people lived on small scale mixed farms, because they are a very adaptable working breed. They can herd, protect livestock, and like hunting rodents and other small creatures one might not want on their farm. These cuties are quick to learn what they're meant to protect, and what they're meant to hunt. For example, they protect chickens but scare off geese and ravens, and hunt rodents and racoons! They absolutely love people, but can be a bit territorial (hence the big barks Barney lets out as anyone drives up to the farm).

Barney and Cocoa's Favourite Activities:

Hunting farm pests and barking at the ATV on the other side of the fence

Barney and Cocoa's Least Favourite Activities:

Changes in routine! When farmer Heather moved one of the dog houses, neither of them would go in it for months!

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