Furry Farmer Feature: Turnip

Furry Farmer Feature: Turnip

Turnip is a sweet little cat that just turned up (get it, turned up = turnip?) one day on Northbrook farm. He wormed his way into our hearts by crawling onto the lap of anyone who sat down in the field to fix irrigation. He was skinny and affectionate, so after a significant attempt to find his original family, we gradually started thinking of him as our cat!

He's a decent mouser, but snacks and laps are definitely his favourite things. He is so lovable, in fact, that when he first came to Northbrook he managed to convince everyone there that he was constantly starving and went from a skinny little guy to a bit too fluffy (if you know what we mean). Now he's on a strict "no snacks" diet, but don't worry - he still get's plenty to eat.

His eyes are expressive, but unfortunately he can't tell us his adventure story that brought him to Northbrook. All we know is that the unsearchable tattoo in his ear shows that he's from out of province.


Thanks for all of your hard work on the farm, Turnip!

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