Seed Feature - Delicata Squash

Seed Feature - Delicata Squash

The Delicata squash is a delectably sweet winter squash, perfect for tossing in the oven and roasting until it gets golden brown! We love this recipe from Love and Lemons for Roasted Delicata Squash with Apples! Since the delicata is a smaller squash, about 15cm long, it's the perfect size for a meal.

The striped yellow and green skin is thick enough to keep the delicata safe throughout the winter if stored correctly. Making it an ideal winter storage crop! 

To grow, we recommend starting these seeds indoors in a green house in April, and then transplanting one the seedlings are strong and the risk of frost has completely passed. You could also direct seed in May if you don't have a good spot to start these indoors.

This yellow and green striped squash is a farmer and customer favorite! The smallish fruits (approx 15cm) are the perfect meal size. They are incredibly sweet and make a great winter storage crop. 

When the plants have died back, harvest and cure for 10 days in a sunny spot that is safe from frost or in a warm dry room.

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