Seed Feature - Purple Lupin

Seed Feature - Purple Lupin

Looking for a beautiful perennial to add to your garden? You've found one of the most unique and stunning flowering plants there is!

Lupin (Lupinus fabaceae) is in the legume family, meaning it's the beautiful cousin of beans and peas - hence the stunning purple pea flowers. A low-maintenance plant, lupin can grow in varying conditions, but will flower the most in full sun with well draining soil.

Plants will grow to about 3' tall with lush foliage and flower stalks emerging from the base. Once established, lupins will flower early in the spring providing important early season food for pollinators! Just check out that big bumble bee buzzing around down below- 

To ensure maximum germination, we recommend soaking your lupin seeds overnight, then place them in some wet paper towels in the fridge. Once a root has emerged, transfer your seeds to soil and watch them grow! Start early in the spring and be patient, while some will germinate more quickly, some of these tough little seeds can take up to 2 months to emerge. Not only are the plants beautiful, but the seeds are stunning as well.

Caution: do not consume any part of this plant, all parts of the lupin are poisonous, ensure children and pets do not ingest.

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