Seed Feature - Touchstone Gold Beets

Seed Feature - Touchstone Gold Beets


Beets are an incredible option for the new or novice gardener that's looking to get their hands dirty but have nearly guaranteed success! The Touchstone Golden Beets have great germination rates, meaning almost all of your seeds will sprout, and they're a relatively low maintenance veggie to grow. Just pop them in the ground, keep them well watered, and you'll have some delicious golden beets in no time!


Touchstone Gold Beets are an exceptionally sweet variety, and look like little yellow balls of sunshine when you pull them from the soil. Chop them up into your summer salads or a stir-fry for a pop of added colour. 



Direct sow these seeds 4 weeks after the last frost, all the way into mid-summer. Planting a new batch of seeds every few weeks will guarantee a continuous supply of beets throughout your growing season!

Seed them 1-2cm deep, 5-10cm apart, in rows 30cm apart. Thin to 10cm apart. 10-14 days to germination and 53 days to maturity.


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