Seed of the Week - Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

Seed of the Week - Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

Introducing our Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper! New to our store this year, the Hungarian Hot Wax is an easy to grow, banana type pepper. This means they'll not only be hot, but a bit sweet and tangy as banana peppers typically are. They'll taste absolutely fantastic when pickled!

While most peppers need spicy hot summers to grow, these peppers will grow well even in milder summers - perfect for our West Coast mild weather.

You can harvest the Hungarian Hots when they're yellow if you're looking for a milder flavour, or let them ripen to orange or even red for a bit more spice. These peppers take 60 days to green and 80 to red.

For growing, be sure to start these seeds indoors in early March-April (seed 5mm-1cm deep). Keep the soil very warm and make sure the seedlings receive lots of light! Germination should occur in 10-21 days. When the weather is warm and night lows are above 12 degrees C, then you can transplant outside.

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