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Goldini II Zucchini

Goldini II Zucchini

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We are very pleased to offer this golden zucchini bred especially for use in organic systems. It's proved difficult (until now!) to find a straight yellow zucchini that is open pollinated - which is a requirement for us to grow any plant out for seed. This variety was originally bred by Carol Deppe in 2016 and she continues to perfect this line even now.

Goldini II is a cross between Gold Rush Zucchini and Costata Romanesco Zucchini. Carol's goal was a fast growing plant with fruit that would have an excellent flavour both cooked and dried. Unlike hybrid zucchinis, the larger fruits do not lose their flavour, and she recommends drying the fruit that is past its prime. (Many of you gardeners out there know all too well how easily one can end up with a surplus of zucchini ;)). Enjoy it small or large and keep in mind that the fruits won't be perfectly uniform. The variety is a work in progress and we hope to improve it ourselves over the years! 

Goldini zucchini, say that 5 times fast! 

Check out this link for the fascinating backstory on breeding this wonderful zucchini:

Certified organic in British Columbia. IOPA # 1606, 1105, 1920.

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